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The Indian Seniors Association West was established and incorporated in the year 2011 with a focus of helping the socially disadvantaged seniors, oppressed and isolated due to the economic dependence and other family reasons. It was founded by a group of senior members of the community. It was incorporated and registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria (Australia).


The Association is currently run with the following objectives:

  • Provide a platform to get together in the common cultural and linguistic environment and share ideas with each other, support each other. 
  • Break social isolation of the Indian Seniors in the community, improve their wellbeing (mental and physical), encourage to feel at home not only among the fellow Indian community but also within the wider Australian Community
  • Helping them to come together in regular meetings, participate in the activities, creating opportunities to interactions, celebrating Indian and Australian festivals
  • Update Senior citizens of services available from local, state and federal government and non-government agencies and bodies
  • Assist, and work with, senior citizens so they lead a physically and mentally healthy and happy life
  • Provide transport to and from meetings venue to the most needy members.